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IRIZ Studies

IRIZ Studies Vol. 2
The Lankāvatāra Mahāyānasūtram Rendered into Modern Japanese with Studies by Tokiwa Gishin (2 vols; in Japanese)
IRIZ Studies Vol. 2
Dimensions: 273 mm x 193 mm
Vol. 1 (Text & Studies, 376 pp.); Vol. 2 :(Notes & Reference List of Sanskrit Expressions, 211 pp.)
Date of Publication: Dec. 1, 1994
ISBN: 4-938796-15-5
Kyoto: International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

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Volume 1 of this study contains a foreword by Prof. Yanagida Seizan and a preface by the author, followed by a modern annotated Japanese translation of nine chapters of Prof.Bun'yu Nanjô's famous reconstruction of the Sanskrit Lankāvatāra sutra.
Part 2 contains ten lectures by the author, originally presented in English at Leiden University in the Netherlands (1993).
Volume 2 contains copious notes pertaining both to the translation and to textual questions (Sanskrit text, Chinese renditions).
The camera-ready copy of these Studies was produced at the IRIZ through the efforts of Murakami Shun.



 Foreword (Yanagida Seizan)


 I. Text

  • Chapter 1: Solicitation by Rāvana for the Buddha to Teach in Lankā

  • Chapter 2: All the Thirty-six Thousand Teachings of the Buddha Collected

  • Chapter 3: Non-Permanency

  • Chapter 4: Attaining Nirvāna

  • Chapter 5: Taking the Tathāgata either as Permanent or Impermanent is Wrong

  • Chapter 6: Momentariness

  • Chapter 7: The Self-Transformer

  • Chapter 8: Abstaining from Eating Meat

  • Chapter 9: Dhāranīs

  • (Chapter 10: Verses, not translated here)

 II. Studies

  Thirteen Lectures on the Lankāvatāra sūtram



 Reference List of Sanskrit Expressions

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