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IRIZ Studies

IRIZ Studies Vol. 3
The Thought of the Ancient Buddha Dōgen by Matsuoka Yukako (in Japanese)
IRIZ Studies Vol. 3
520 pages
Dimensions: 273 mm x 193 mm
Date of Publication: March 30, 1995
ISBN: 4-938796-17-1
Kyoto: International Research Institute for
Zen Buddhism

[Not for sale]

This work provides a fresh look at Dōgen, the founding father of the Japanese Sōtō Zen tradition and one of the central figures of Japanese Zen history.
The camera-ready copy of this 520-page volume was produced by the author at our institute.

 Foreword by Yanagida Seizan

    —An Interpretation of Dōgen’s “Genjō kōan”

 II. A THORNY PATH—Dōgen’s Critique of the Zen Sect

  • Chapter 1: The Critique in “Bendōwa”

  • Chapter 2: The Change in Dōgen’s View of old Zen Masters and its Significance

  • Chapter 3: Dōgen’s Critique of Linji (Rinzai)

  • Chapter 4: Dōgen’s Critique of Zen as a “Tradition Separate from the Teach-ings” and og the “Unity of Zen and the Teachings”

  • Chapter 5: Dōgen’s Evaluation of Dahui Zonggao (Daie Sōkō)

 III. THE NEWBORN DōGEN—Around the Twelve-Fascicle “Shōbōgenzō”

  • Chapter 1: About the Materials

  • Chapter 2: The Formal Differences Between the 75-Fascicle and the 12-Fascicle Versions

  • Chapter 3: Characteristics of the Thought of the Twelve-Fascicle Versions

  • Chapter 4: The Newborn Dōgen

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