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IRIZ Studies

IRIZ Studies Vol. 4
A Study of Tang Period Chan Thought by Murakami Shun (in Japanese)
IRIZ Studies Vol. 4
657 pages
Dimensions: 273 mm x 193 mm
Date of Publication: Nov. 13, 1996
ISBN: 4-938796-30-9
Kyoto: International Research Institute for
Zen Buddhism
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This work, published the year after the unexpected death of the author, Murakami Shun, in 1995, constitutes an incisive inquiry into Chan thought and its relation to Chinese Buddhism. The work was originally intended as the author's doctoral thesis.

Foreword by Yanagida Seizan

1. Early Chan Thought and Chinese Buddhism

  • Chapter 1: The Problem of Buddha-Name

  • Chapter 2: Around No-Mind

  • Chapter 3: Zhiyan's Thought on Becoming a Buddha

  • Chapter 4: From "Consciousness-only" to "Mind-only"

2. The Development of a Chan's Identity

  • Chapter 1: Zhaozhou's Chan

  • Chapter 2: Zhaozhou and the Inscription on Faith in Mind

  • Chapter 3: Yunmen's Chan

  • Chapter 4: Yunmen and Nanyang Huizhong

3. A Study of the Ensō (Chan Circle)

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Nanyang Huizhong and Danyuan Yingzhen

  • Chapter 2: Guishan and Yangshan (fragment)

Postface by Urs App (in English)

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