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IRIZ Studies

IRIZ Studies Vol. 6
The Encounter of the West with Buddhism: Psychology and Zen by Muramoto Shoji (in Japanese, with the last section in English)
IRIZ Studies Vol. 6
598 pages
Dimensions: 273 mm x 193 mm
Date of Publication: Dec. 20, 1999
ISBN: 4-938796-33-3
Kyoto: International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

[Not for sale]

The latest update on psychology and Zen Buddhism by one of the leaders in this field. (Available in English as Awakening and Insight: Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy, from Brunner-Routledge)

Preface by Rōshi Kōno Taitsū

1. The Encounter of the West with Buddhism

  • Chapter 1: Buddhism, Sophia and Gnosis

  • Chapter 2: The Transmission of Christianity to Japan and Buddhism

  • Chapter 3: The Encounter of Nineteenth-Century Germany with Buddhism

  • Chapter 4: The Encounter of Anglo-America with Buddhism

  • Chapter 5: Western Buddhist Studies till 1950s

  • Chapter 6: Buddhism and Western Thought

2. Psychoanalysis and Buddhism

  • Chapter 1: The Encounter of Psychoanalysis with Buddhism

  • Chapter 2: The Cuernavaca Symposium on Zen and Psychoanalysis (1957)

  • Chapter 3: Psychologia and Koji Sato

  • Chapter 4: The Literature on the Subject in the 1960s

3. Jung and Buddhism

  • Chapter 1: Jung and Buddhism

  • Chapter 2: Jung's Papers on Eastern Thought in Summary

  • Chapter 3: On Jung's Forward to D. T. Suzuki, An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

  • Chapter 4: The Jung-Hisamatsu Conversation

4. Psychological Studies in Zen

  • Chapter 1: A Roshi's Rorschach Responses

  • Chapter 2: Psychology and Zen

  • Chapter 3: The Young Shinichi Hisamatsu and His Teacher Kitaro Nishida

5. Psycholoy and Spirituality

  • Chapter 1: Solvation and Psycholoy

  • Chapter 2: Spirituality and Our Age: The Contact Point of Christianity, Buddhism and Non-Religion

  • Chapter 3: A Humanistic Restoration of Spirituality: Jung and Buddhism

6. Religious Thinkers

  • Chapter 1: Hildegard von Bingen: Barbara Newman's Approach from the Sapiential Tradition

  • Chapter 2: Science and the Eternal Feminine in Faust in the Light of the Sapiential Tradition

  • Chapter 3: William James' Pure Experience and Kitaro Nishida's Junsui Keiken

  • Chapter 4: Zen for Nishida

  • Chapter 5: Religion and Humanism in Kiyoshi Miki

  • Chapter 6: Kiyoshi Miki and Goethe

  • Chapter 7: Kiyoshi Miki's Tought on Religion

7. Psychology, Religion and Buddhism (in English)

  • Chapter 1: Buddhism and Psychotherapy in the World Today

  • Chapter 2: Tradition and Modernity in Interreligious Dialogue

  • Chapter 3: Personal Connotations of Religion and Science in C. G. Jung

  • Chapter 4: The Restoration of the Lost Soul - From Depth Psychology to Dacein-analysis or Ecstatic Psychology

  • Chapter 5: Reflections on the Self: Zen as a Radicalization of Psychology?

  • Chapter 6: Psychology of Crisis and the Crisis of Psychology

  • Chapter 7: Buddhism and Christianity

  • Chapter 8: A New Stage in the Relationship between Jungian Psychology and Buddhism

  • Chapter 9: A Humanistic Restoration of Traditional Spirituality: Jung and Buddhism


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