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IRIZ Studies

IRIZ Studies Vol. 7
Basic Studies on the "Seon mun bo jang rog", edited by Nishiguchi Yoshio (in Japanese)
IRIZ Studies Vol. 7
817 pages
Dimensions: 273 mm x 193 mm
Date of Publication: March 31, 2000
ISBN: 4-938796-34-1
Kyoto: International Research Institute for
Zen Buddhism
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The first in-depth study of this text, which is also highly regarded in the Huayan school and the Korean tradition.

Foreword by Yanagida Seizan

I. Translation of the “Seon mun bo jang rog”

  • Translated by Yanagida Seizan

  • Annotated by Nishiguchi Yoshio

II. Research Findings

  • 1. A History of Zen Buddhism in the Middle Koryŏ Period by Nakajima Shiro

  • 2. Research on the text of the “Seon mun bo jang rog” by Nishiguchi Yoshio

  • Postface by Nishiguchi Yoshio

III. Indices to the “Seon mun bo jang rog”

  • Word-Phrase Index

  • Proper Noun Index

  • Radical Index

  • Four Corner Index

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