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One Night Concordance Series

This series, comprising so far five concordances, is a low-budget quickie way to take advantage of electronic Zen text files and to serve the needs of research in progress. Of course, using an electronic text for searching is vastly preferable, but then how many people log a computer into research meetings?
But publishing concordances is expensive. So I decided to produce only a few photocopies of each concordance. Even if, as in the case of Dahui's text, only few copies were produced, one copy each was deposited at the libraries of Komazawa University (Tokyo), Aichi Gakuin University (Nagoya), Hanazono University (Kyoto), and at our institute library. So far the following concordances have appeared in this series:

Vol. 1 Concordance to the Xuemolun (April 1994)

Vol. 2: Concordance to the Zongmi's Yuanrenlun (April 1994)

Vol. 3: Concordance to the Wuxinglun (April 1994)

Vol. 4: Concordance to the Poxianglun (April 1994)

Vol. 5: Concordance to Dahui's Zhengfayanzang (April 1994)

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