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Electronic Bodhidharma

Electronic Bodhidharma No. 3
Electronic Bodhidharma No. 3
Dimensions: 257 mm x 182 mm
65 Pages
Date of Publication: July 1993
Editor: Urs APP
Kyoto: International Research Institute
for Zen Buddhism
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From the Editor

Bits, Bytes, Buddhism

The Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative

Our Institute's Electronic Publications

Buddhist Database and Input Projects

List of Already Input Texts

List of Texts Included in the Taishô Whose Input is Planned Chinese University of Hong Kong

List of Already Input Scriptures by Zokuzôkyô volume

Guidelines for the Creation of Large Chinese Text Databases

Chinese Character Encoding

Code Evaluation Table

From the Multilingual Battlefield

Ten Music Lessons for Authors of Text Databases

Re-Creating the Oldest Chan Text

Hanazono University Concordance Series

Notes on Two Macintosh Word Processing Programs

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