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Electronic Bodhidharma

Electronic Bodhidharma No. 4
Electronic Bodhidharma No. 4
Dimensions: 257 mm x 182 mm
78 Pages
Date of Publication: June 1995
Editor: Urs APP
Kyoto: International Research Institute
for Zen Buddhism

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From dumb to intelligent text

The code of the codex

Dog Ears and SGML

Buddhist Input Project News

The Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative

The Haeinsa 1994 EBTI Meeting

Markup at the Input Level

The Importance of Markup

Computerized Collation of a Dunhuang Text

Windows and the World

From the Multilingual Battlefield

The ZenBase CD1

Overview of the Electronic Bodhidharma WWW site

The IRIZ KanjiBase

Chinese character codes: an update

X-level KanjiBase codes X-level KanjiBase codes (221KB)

The IRIZ Gaiji Set

The Appeal Font

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