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Conditions and Requests

  1. Use of this database is restricted to academic and other nonprofit purposes. Other uses are forbidden without written permission from the IRIZ.
  2. Written permission from the IRIZ is required when the database is shown in part or in whole on the Internet, or when provided to multiple and/or unspecified recipients.
  3. We request that the IRIZ be clearly identified as the source whenever the material is used in academic papers or any other venue. We request this not for proprietary reasons, but in order that readers may check our website for subsequent updates of the material.
  4. We request that any errors, misprints, etc., be brought to the IRIZ's attention.
  5. We request that users help insure that the material is used in a suitable manner. The IRIZ is not responsible for any misuse of the data.

  Last Update: 2003/02/21