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012  Zhu chung sui bi (Essay by the Window of a Bamboo Hut) (120KB)
This text was produced by the Society for the study of Song-Ming Thought. A annotated modern Japanese translation published under the title "Chiku-sō-zui-hitsu".
 Unicode   Mojikyo  2007/05/24 Download 

011  Tōrei Oshō nenpu (Biography of Tōrei Enji) (54KB)
Tōrei Oshō nenpu by Taikan Bunshu. Collation of three different texts:
  • The microfilm of the manuscript kept at Hōjōji, written by Taikan Bunshu (not "Monju" as is often seen).
  • The annotated edition by Nishimura Eshin (Tōrei Oshō nenpu, Kinsei zensōden 8, Kyoto: Shibunkaku, 1982).
  • The text included in the Complete Works of Hakuin 1: 267-368 (Hakuin Oshō zenshū, Tokyo: Ryūginsha, 1935).
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

010  Zengi gemonshū (38KB)
The text based on the woodblock edition kept at the IRIZ's Yanagida Library. According to the information in the colophon, the text was printed in 1637 by the bookseller Nakano Ichiuemon.
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

009  Genkō shakusho (391KB)
Genkō shakusho by Kokan Shiren, included in Dainihon Bukkyō zensho 101 (Tokyo: Bussho Kankōkai, 1913).
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

008  Kaibaben (25KB)
Collation of the books published in 1800, Hakuin Oshō zenshu 7 and the book edited by Meibo Kenshokai in 1990. Pagination follows Hakuin Oshō zenshu 7.
 Shift-JIS   Mojikyo  2002/11/01 Download 

007  Gohōshū (304KB)
Sotoshu zensho: Goroku 1. Tokyo: Sotoshu Zensho Kankokai, 1931.
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

006  Shūmon kattōshū (32KB)
Collation of the books published in 1822, 1890, and the book edited by Kajitani Sōnin in 1982
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

005  Jianghu fengyueji (Gōko fūgetsushū) (19KB)
Shibayama Zenkei and Jikihara Gyokusei. Gōko fūgetsushū. Osaka: Sōgensha, 1969.
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

004  Hanshanshi (Poems of Hanshan) (33KB)
The text is the result of the compilation of the Quantangshu text revised according to the version in the Zen no Goroku series, vol. 13 (Chikuma Shobō, 1970).
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

003  Shiburoku (The Four-text Record) (15KB)
The text is mainly based upon the 1689 edition, which has been compared with the modern version in the Zen no Goroku series, vol. 16 (Chikuma Shobō: 1974).
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

002  Wudeng huiyuan (945KB)
Wudeng huiyuan (Zhonghua Shuju, 1984)
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

001  Jueguanlun (11KB)
 Jueguanlun (Kyoto: Institute for Zen Studies, 1973)
 Shift-JIS   KanjiBase  2002/11/01 Download 

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